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Pile of Golden Coins Coins dated 1988 Stack of bills Notes dated 1988

Below is a list of numismatic events that occurred in 1988.


5000 Schilling Mozart obverse

Austrian note.

  • Austria becomes the first country to incorporate foil into a banknote.[1]
  • Canada releases the Silver Maple Leaf, based on the success of its Gold Maple Leaf program.[2]
  • The second Nicaraguan córdoba is introduced, replacing the previous currency at a rate of 1 new córdoba equaling 10,000 pre-1988 córdobas.[3]
  • Peru experiences hyperinflation.[3]
  • American Samoa introduces a series of commemorative coins bearing the status of legal tender.[4]



  • March 6: Pyotr Osipovich Karyshkovskij-Ikar, Ukrainian numismatist.[5]
  • November 9: Richard S. Yeoman, American numismatist and coin collector.[6]