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Pile of Golden Coins Coins dated 1992 Stack of bills Notes dated 1992

The following is a list of numismatic events that occurred in 1992.


  • June 8: The Sudanese dinar is introduced.
  • December 22: The Transnistrian Republican Bank is established.
  • The Bosnia and Herzegovina dinar is introduced.
  • The Estonian kroon is reintroduced.
  • The Hryvnia sign is incorporated to the Ukrainian hryvnia.
  • The Krajina dinar is introduced.
  • The Latvian rublis is reintroduced.
  • The Moldovan cupon is introduced.
  • The Republika Srpska dinar is introduced.
  • A new series of the Yugoslav dinar is introduced.
  • Quentin David Bowers develops the universal rarity scale.




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