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25 apsars
2009 Nart 25Psark
General information

Flag of Abkhazia Abkhazia


25.00 apsars



Measurements and composition

7.8 g


22.6 mm


1.6 mm








Emblem of Abkhazia, bank title, metal purity, value, year


Nart on horseback

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The 25 apsar coin is a commemorative bullion coin that was issued in 2009 by the Republic of Abkhazia, a partially-recognized state claiming independence from Georgia. It was struck in celebration of the nart epics, a series of heroic stories significant to the Abkhaz culture and other cultures of the Caucasus. Examples were commissioned to be struck at the Moscow Mint in Russia and were distributed by the National Bank of the Republic of Abkhazia. The piece has a legal tender face value equivalent to 25.00 apsars, or 250.00 Russian rubles, in Abkhazia, but does not see much, if any circulation, as it is primarily intended for collectors.

The coin is composed of .999 fine gold and has a mass of 7.8 grams, a diameter of 22.6 millimeters, and a thickness of approximately 1.6 millimeters. It has a reeded edge, and like most coins, is round in shape. Featured in the center of the obverse, designed by Ruslan Gablia (1957–) and engraved by Victor Mikhailovich Erokhin (1955–), is the emblem of the Republic of Abkhazia – which consists of a shield divided vertically in two halves, with a nart hero on horseback shooting a bow and arrow upward, accompanied by three decorative eight-pointed stars. The face value of the coin is written in Abkhaz as "ҨАЖӘИ ХӘБА ԤСАР" (Romanized: Òaža̋i ha̋ba apsar), which translates to English as "twenty-five apsar". It is inscribed along the upper rim of the coin, commencing in an upward direction at the left periphery, arching downward at the top of the piece, and concluding at the right rim. Engraved horizontally below the emblem is the title of the Abkhaz central bank, "АԤСНЫ АБАНК" (Romanized: Aṕsny Abank; English: "Abkhaz Bank"), and written underneath that is the year of minting: "2009". To the left of the date, engraved along the rim of the coin, is the "ММД" (MMD) mint mark of the Moscow Mint and the logo of the National Bank of the Republic of Abkhazia. The gold content of the coin is indicated to the right of the year as "Au 999 7,8", which essentially signifies 7.8 grams of 999 purity. Displayed on the reverse is an illustration of an armored, facing nart hero on a right-facing horse. The Abkhaz word "НАРҬ" (Narţ) is written in an exergue below, flanked on either side by a small point.

Up to 1000 examples of the 25 apsar coin were authorized for production, all in Brilliant Uncirculated quality. Currently, the piece, along with all other Abkhazian coins, is not included in the Standard Catalog of World Coins.