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100 kwanzas
General issue coin
General information

Flag of Angola Angola


100.00 Kz

Measurements and composition

25 g (1999)[2][3]


approx. 25 mm (1991)[4]

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Coat of arms of Angola, state title

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The 100 kwanza coin was a coin first minted for use in Angola around 1991. In 1999, two commemorative issues were produced.[1][2][3]


General issueEdit

The only general issue 100 kwanza coin was minted around 1991, though no official date was given. It was composed of copper and measured approximately 25 millimeters[4] in diameter. Depicted on the obverse was the coat of arms of Angola, with the state title of Angola (as "RP DE ANGOLA") below, and a legend reading, "11 DE NOVEMBRO DE 1975" ("November 11, 1975") above, which was the day that Angola gained its independence from Portugal. Shown on the reverse was the value surrounded by 70[4] dots near the rim.[1]

Olympic commemorative coinEdit

In 1999, to commemorate the 2000 Summer Olympics[4], a proof commemorative coin was produced. It was composed of .925 fine silver and weighed 25 grams. Displayed on the obverse of the coin was the coat of arms of Angola, with the state title (as "REPUBLICA DE ANGOLA") above, and the year of minting below. Depicted on the reverse was an allegory of Nike. To her left was the coin's value and the Sydney Olympic Park and "SYDNEY XXVII OLYMPIAD" enclosed within a circle. To the right was the Olympic Flame above a pillar.[2]

Coin of Henry the NavigatorEdit

Also in 1999, a proof commemorative 100 kwanza coin of Portuguese explorer, Henry the Navigator, was produced. It was composed of silver and weighed 25 grams. On the obverse was the coat of arms of Angola with the state title above and the year of minting below. Displayed on the reverse was an image of Henry donning armor while holding a spear, with a ship in the background and the sun overhead. The value and a legend reading, "PRINCE HENRY THE NAVIGATOR 1394–1480" were also displayed. A total of 10,000 of these coins were produced.[3]


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