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This article is about the coin of the Argentine austral. For pieces of the various Argentine peso currencies, see Argentine 1 centavo coin.

Argentina 1 centavo 1987
1987 coin

Argentina 1 centavo 1985
1985 coin

General information

Flag of Argentina Argentina





Measurements and composition
  • 3.95 g (1985)
  • 3.2 g (1986-1987)

20.5 mm

  • 1.8 mm (1985)
  • 1.6 mm (1986-1987)









Greater rhea (Rhea americana), state title


Value, year

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The 1 centavo coin is a former circulation piece of the Republic of Argentina. Struck at the Argentine Mint in Buenos Aires, it was issued by the Central Bank of Argentina in one type from 1985 to 1987. The piece, first released on September 23, 1985, remained in circulation until its demonetization on December 31, 1991. During this short period, the coin carried a legal tender face value of 0.01 austral in its country of origin.

The 1 centavo piece is composed of an aluminum-bronze alloy of 92 percent copper and 8 percent aluminum and measures approximately 20.5 millimeters in diameter. The mass and thickness of each coin vary by year. Examples from 1985 and, according to the Weltmünzkatalog, early 1986, measure about 3.95 grams in mass and 1.8 millimeters in thickness, whereas later pieces from 1986 and 1987 measure a smaller 3.2 grams in mass and 1.6 millimeters in thickness. Regardless of size, each piece has coin alignment and a plain edge, and is round in shape. The rims of both of sides of each coin are raised and undecorated.

According to the Standard Catalog of World Coins, the piece's obverse was designed by Italian-born Argentine sculptor Ermando Bucci (1926–1987). An illustration of a greater rhea (Rhea americana) running to the right is displayed in the center. Known in Guarani and Spanish as the "ñandú", this species of large flightless bird is endemic to parts of South America, including Argentina. Printed counterclockwise along the rim below is the Spanish name of the Republic of Argentina, "REPUBLICA ARGENTINA". Although an acute accent is usually applied to the "u" in república, one is not included in the inscription.

The face value "1 CENTAVO" is engraved on two lines in the middle of the reverse. The numeral "1", printed in a rounded font, is significantly larger than the following word. Inscribed above in even smaller print is the austral sign (), included to distinguish the piece from 1 centavo pieces of earlier Argentine currencies. The Gregorian date of minting also appears below the word "CENTAVO", where it is curved counterclockwise along the lower rim.

According to the Standard Catalog of World Coins, about 282,331,000 examples of the coin were manufactured over its three years of production. The Weltmünzkatalog provides a smaller figure of 281,649,421 pieces. Only business strikes of this particular type are known to exist.

Year Variety Mintage
1985 3.95 g
1.8 mm thick
76,082,000 (SCWC)
76,081,568 (Schön)
1986 Unlisted (SCWC)
67,352,857 (Schön)
3.2 g
1.6 mm thick
118,934,000 (SCWC)
50,900,000 (Schön)
1987 87,315,000 (SCWC)
87,314,996 (Schön)
Total 282,331,000 (SCWC)
281,649,421 (Schön)


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