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10 luma
Armenia 10 luma 1994
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Flag of Armenia Armenia

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Flag of Armenia Armenia
Flag of Nagorno-Karabakh Nagorno-Karabakh


0.10 dram



Measurements and composition

0.59 g


16 mm


1.5 mm










Coat of arms of Armenia, state title


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The 10 luma coin is a circulation piece of the Republic of Armenia. It was issued by the Central Bank of Armenia in a single type in 1994, and struck under commission at the Polish Mint in Warsaw. First released on February 21, 1994, the piece currently holds a legal tender face value of 0.10 dram in its country of origin and the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. In spite of this, it no longer circulates frequently due to its low purchasing power.

The coin is composed of aluminum and measures 0.59 grams in mass, 16 millimeters in diameter, and 1.5 millimeters in thickness. It has medallic alignment and a plain edge, and like most coins, is round in shape. Both of the piece's rims are raised and undecorated.

Featured in the center of the obverse is the coat of arms of Armenia – which consists of an escutcheon bearing a depiction of Noah's Ark sitting atop Mount Ararat in its center. This escutcheon, supported by an eagle and lion, also includes symbols representative of the Artaxiad and Arsacid dynasties of antiquity and Bagratuni and Rubenid dynasties of the Middle Ages. Displayed below the escutcheon in the arms are a sword, broken chain, bundle of wheat, feather, and ribbon. On the coin, printed counterclockwise at the periphery below the arms, is the Armenian word "ՀԱՅԱՍՏԱՆ" (Romanized: Hayastan), which translates to English as "Armenia".

The coin's face value is written in Armenian as "10 ԼՈՒՄԱ" (Romanized: 10 luma) in the middle of the reverse. Displayed on its own line, the numeral in the value is engraved in significantly larger print than the following word, which also appears on its own line. The Gregorian date of minting, "1994", is inscribed counterclockwise at the rim below.

The total mintage of the 10 luma coin is currently unknown. Of this total, a small number of uncirculated examples were distributed in official 1994 mint sets by the Central Bank of Armenia.


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