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30,000 francs
General information

Flag of Benin Benin


30,000.00 CFA francs


1992 (ND)

Measurements and composition

15.55 g








Coat of arms of Benin, state title, value


Map of Benin in radiant sun, state title

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The 30,000 franc coin is a non-circulating legal tender commemorative coin of the Republic of Benin that was issued in 1992. It was minted in celebration of the country's democratic renewal in 1991, as from 1975 to that date the country was ruled under a communist regime. While the piece carries a legal tender face value equivalent to 30,000.00 West African CFA francs in Benin, it is intended primarily for collectors and does not see much (if any) general circulation.

Th coin is composed of .999 fine gold and weighs approximately 15.55 grams. It has a reeded edge and raised, undecorated rims, and is round in shape.

Featured in the center of the coin's obverse is an illustration of the coat of arms of Benin – which consists of a central quartered escutcheon showing a castle in the style of the Somba in the upper left field, the Order of the Black Star in the upper right, a palm tree in the lower left, and a sailing ship in the lower right. Above the escutcheon, which is supported by two leopards (Panthera pardus), are two horns, and below it is a ribbon bearing the national motto in French, "FRATERNITE, JUSTICE, TRAVAIL" (English: "Fellowship, Justice, Work"). Engraved in a clockwise direction along the coin's upper rim, above the illustration of the arms, is the French state title of the Republic of Benin, "REPUBLIQUE DU BENIN", which commences at the left periphery and concludes at the right. The value "30 000 FRANCS CFA" is inscribed on two lines below the arms, the line consisting of the words arched around the bottom of the piece with the numeral curved above it.

Displayed in the middle of the reverse is a map of Benin with a radiant sun behind it, some of the sun's rays traveling through the map. This entire illustration is enclosed within a circular boundary. The French state title "REPUBLIQUE DU BENIN" appears again at the top of the coin, outside of the border, traveling in a clockwise direction from the upper left to upper right rims. Written along the bottom of the piece, also outside of the circular boundary, is the text "RENOUVEAU DEMOCRATIQUE", which translates to English as "democratic renewal". Such text, inscribed counterclockwise from the left to right peripheries of the piece, is separated from the state title by two asterisk-like points. The rims of both the obverse and reverse are raised.

A total of approximately 100 Beninese 30,000 franc coins was produced, all with a proof finish.


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