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10 feninga
Bosnia and Herzegovina 10 feninga 1998
1998 coin
General information

Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina


0.10 convertible mark



Measurements and composition

4 g


20 mm


1.8 mm


copper-plated steel








Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina, state title, year


Projection of Bosnia and Herzegovina, state title, value

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The 10 fening coin (also spelled 10 pfenig) is a current circulation piece of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has been distributed by the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a single type since December 9, 1998, and has been regularly manufactured at the Royal Mint in the United Kingdom. It currently holds legal tender status in its country of origin, carrying a face value equivalent to 0.05 convertible mark.

The piece is composed of copper-plated steel and measures 4 grams in mass, 20 millimeters in diameter, and 1.8 millimeters in thickness. It has medallic alignment and a plain edge, and like most coins, is round in shape. Both of the coin's rims are raised and decorated with a beaded border.

Both sides of the piece were designed by Bosnian artist Kenan Zekić. The obverse features the triangle and stars from the flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina in its center, the Gregorian date of minting engraved to the lower left. These two elements are enclosed within three layers of solid circular borders, outside of which, two additional triangles are illustrated at the coin's left and right sides. Printed clockwise along the rim above the triangles is the Serbo-Croatian name of Bosnia and Herzegovina, rendered in Latin script as "Bosna i Hercegovina". Its Cyrillic equivalent, "Босна и Херцеговина", appears below the triangles, extending counterclockwise along the piece's lower periphery.

A projection of Bosnia of Herzegovina appears in the middle of the coin's reverse, superimposed by a large numeral "10". Like the flag and date on the obverse, the projection and number are enclosed within three solid circular boundaries. Printed clockwise along the inside of the innermost border, above the image of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is the word "Feninga". The equivalent Cyrillic rendering, "Фенинга", also appears inside the boundary, curving counterclockwise below the map projection. Outside the borders, the Cyrillic state title "Босна и Херцеговина" is engraved clockwise along the coin's upper periphery, whereas the Latin "Bosna i Hercegovina" is written in the opposite direction at the piece's lower rim. These inscriptions are separated from one another by two triangles, one at each side of the reverse.

A total of approximately 95,010,000 examples of the coin have been produced, including 95,000,000 business strikes and 10,000 special uncirculated pieces. The uncirculated coins, which have only been released in 2000, were distributed in official mint sets by the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Year Mintage
1998 30,000,000
2000 10,000
2004 10,000,000
2007 10,000,000
2008 10,000,000
2011 10,000,000
2013 25,000,000
Total 95,010,000


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