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2 mark
General information

Banner of the Holy Roman Emperor with haloes (1400-1806) Holy Roman Empire
Naval Ensign of Sweden Swedish Empire
Bremen-Verden Bremen-Verden


2.00 mark



Measurements and composition





Charles XI


Crown, year

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The 2 mark coin was minted by the Holy Roman state of Bremen-Verden during its enfeoffment to the Swedish Empire from 1668 to 1670.

Three varieties of the coin are recognized by the Standard Catalog of World Coins, but all three are very similar. Each coin was composed of silver. Swedish King Charles XI was featured on the obverse, encircled by a legend reading "REX • CAROLVS • DG • SVEC • GOTH • VANDALORVM • Q", though the legend of one coin replaces the "V" in "CAROLVS" and the second "V" in "VANDALORVM" with a "U". A crown was featured on the reverse, encircled by a legend reading "MONETA • NOVA • DVC • BREM • ET • VERDENSIS". Underneath the crown was the coin's year of minting. With one variety of the coin, the coin's mint mark (MM) was separated by what appears to have been a privy mark of the same size. Another variety is similar, but the privy mark is much larger than the mint mark, and in turn, also separates the date. With the third variety, the crown is much larger than on the other two coins, and the privy mark was inscribed between "VERDENSIS" and "MONETA" in the outer legend.


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