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25 euro
General information

Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom





Measurements and composition
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  • 21.83 g (Britannia)
  • 46.6 g (Edward VIII; silver)

37.9 mm (Britannia)



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The 25 euro coin was a fantasy coin minted by the United Kingdom in 1996. It had a purported value of 25 ECU.


Edward VIII 2½ pence stamp

The stamp featured on one of the coins.

A number of 25 euro coins were produced by the United Kingdom in 1996. The first of the coins, composed of tri-metallic goldine, weighed 21.83 grams and measured 37.9 millimeters in diameter. Depicted on the obverse was Britannia helmeted, with the year of minting and a legend reading, "Brittaniarum Dei Gratia". Shown on the reverse was the HMS Victory, with a portrait of Lord Nelson, the coin's "value", and legends reading, "LORD NELSON" and "H.M.S. VICTORY". This specific coin was struck in many metals, including cupronickel and brass, and for piedforts, silver.

The second coin was struck mainly in brass, though silver piedforts (weighing 46.6 g) are known to exist. It was minted to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the abdication of King Edward VIII. Displayed on the obverse was a portrait of Edward VIII, surrounded by a legend reading, "EDWARD·VIII·KING·&·EMPEROR". Shown on the reverse was a colorized 2½ pence stamp of Edward, with the value and a legend reading, "60th ANNIVERSARY OF ABDICATION 1936–1996".


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