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British Burma 1937 flag.svg Merchant flag of Japan (1870).svg British Burma under Japanese rule


0.01 Burmese rupees








95 mm


46 mm

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The 1 cent banknote is a piece of occupation currency issued in 1942 by Japanese forces in British Burma during World War II. The note had a value equivalent to 0.01 Burmese rupees.

The 1 cent note is horizontally-oriented, having a width of 95 millimeters and a height of 46. Both sides are predominantly red in color. A floral design with the number "1" written over it is printed in light green-blue in the center of the note's obverse. Superimposed over it in red ink is English text reading "THE JAPANESE GOVERNMENT", the first word of which written on its own line. Below the title of the issuing authority is the value "ONE CENT", also in red, which is printed using a larger, bolder, and more stylistic font. Code letters are written in red ink to the sides of both of these texts, some in a two-character format and others in a three-character fractional format. Such codes start with a "B", which stands for the Japanese name of Burma, ビルマ (Biruma). The two-character codes go from "BA" to "BZ", excluding "BQ", while the three-character fractional codes go from BAA to BEN. A decorative red border surrounds all of these elements. Printed at each of the note's four corners is the numeral "1". The Japanese text "大蔵大臣" (Ōkura daijin), which translates to English as "Minister of Finance", is written vertically from right-to-left inside a circular seal to the left of the numeral in the note's bottom left corner. Printed inside a red frame at the bottom center of the banknote is the lettering "府政國帝本日大" (Dai Nippon Teikoku Sofu), which is read from right to left and translates as "Imperial Japanese Government". Specimen banknotes are also overstamped with the Japanese "見本" (Mihon), meaning "sample" or "specimen".

Featured in the middle of the reverse is the numeral "1" superimposed over a floral arabesque design. It is surrounded by a border of similar design featuring the number "1" at each of its four corners.

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