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2 rupees 8 annas

Burma 2.5 rupee 1917 obv Burma 2.5 rupee 1917 rev

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British Burma 1937 flag British Burma


2.5 rupees






George V


Crowned monogram of George V

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The 2 rupee 8 anna banknote was issued by British Burma in 1918 and used until 1926. It had a value equal to 2.5 rupees.

The note was printed using black ink on red-brown, hand-molded paper. A blue-and-green floral pattern was displayed in the center of the banknote's obverse, with printing reading "I promise to pay the bearer the sum of RUPEES TWO ANNA EIGHT on Demand at any Office of Issue" was superimposed above it. The name of the banknote issuer "Government of India" appeared in the top-center of the obverse, written using a stylistic font. Below the floral design and promise of compensation was text reading "For the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA", the serial number, which would begin with an "R" for "Rangoon", and the signature of M. M. S. Gubbay. The serial number was also present near the top-right corner. "RUPEES 2/8" was printed at the bottom-left and top-right corners, and a left-facing portrait of Emperor/King George V within an octagonal frame was displayed in the top-left corner. The note's value was printed on the reverse in eight languages, from the top down: Urdu, Kaithi, Bengali, Burmese, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Gujarati. To the left of the values was a crowned monogram of George V, and to the right was print reading "₨. 2/8" within a circular frame. For security, a watermark of a five-pointed star circumscribed within a rectangle was applied.


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