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The Seal of the United States Mint.

The Chief Engraver of the United States Mint is the individual in charge of designing coins and engraving dies at the United States Mint. It is an appointed position originally authorized in 1792, but not practiced until 1793. A total of twelve people have held this position.

Image Name Term
Robert Scot 1793-1823
William Kneass William Kneass 1824-1840
Christian Gobrecht Christian Gobrecht 1840-1844
James Barton Longacre - Ambrotype by Isaac Rehn, 1855 James Barton Longacre 1844-1869
William Barber 1869-1879
Charles Barber Charles E. Barber 1879-1917
George Morgan George T. Morgan 1917-1925
John R. Sinnock 1925-1947
Gilroy Roberts Gilroy Roberts 1948-1964
Frank Gasparro Frank Gasparro 1965-1981
Elizabeth Jones 1981-1990
United States Mint engraver John Mercanti John M. Mercanti 2006-2010