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This article is about the Comorian coins issued in 1992 and 2001. For the 1964 piece of the same denomination, see Comorian 10 franc coin (1964).
10 francs
Comoros 10 francs 1992
1992 coin
General information

Flag of the Comoros Comoros


10.00 francs



Measurements and composition
  • 4 g (1992)
  • 2.4 g (2001)
  • 22 mm (1992)
  • 17 mm (2001)

1.5 mm (1992)

  • aluminum-bronze (1992)
  • stainless steel (2001)







Crescent and four stars, bank title


Bank title, value, year

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The 10 franc coin is a current circulation piece of Comoros. It was issued in two types from 1992 to 2001, both during the administration of the former Federal Islamic Republic of the Comoros. Each was distributed by the Central Bank of the Comoros and struck under commission at the Monnaie de Paris in France.

Both coins are currently legal tender in their country of origin, each carrying a nominal value of 10.00 Comorian francs. However, because of their low purchasing power, neither piece circulates frequently anymore.

The 1992 type is composed of an aluminum-bronze alloy and measures 4 grams in mass, 22 millimeters in diameter, and 1.5 millimeters in thickness. The 2001 coin is instead made of stainless steel and is noticeably smaller, measuring 2.4 grams in mass and 17 millimeters in diameter. Both pieces have coin alignment and a plain edge, and are round in shape. The rims of both sides of each are raised and decorated with a beaded border.

The crescent and four stars from the flag of the Federal Islamic Republic of the Comoros appears in the center of both coin's obverses. Printed counterclockwise along the rim above is the Comorian legend "بنك يا كمور" (Romanized: Benki ya Komori), which translates to English as "Bank of Comoros". On the 1992 type, the text begins at the upper right periphery and ends at the upper left, and the crescent and four stars are slanted to the upper left. The same inscription on the 2001 piece instead starts at the right rim and concludes at the top center of the obverse. Also, the crescent and four stars on this later type are not slanted at all.

The reverses of the two coins are similar in design. The face value "10 FRANCS" appears on two lines in the middle of both, the numeral rendered in larger print than the following word. Written clockwise from the lower left to lower right rims is the French name of the Central Bank of the Comoros, "BANQUE CENTRALE DES COMORES". The Gregorian date of minting is inscribed horizontally at the bottom of the piece, flanked to the left by the cornucopia mark of the Monnaie de Paris and to the right by the privy mark of the Graveur général des monnaies (General Engraver of Coins) of Paris. On the 1992 type, the privy mark is a dolphin representing Émile Rousseau (1927–2010). On the 2001 coin, it is instead a horseshoe representing Gérard Buquoy.

According to the Weltmünzkatalog, around 500,000 examples of the 1992 coin were produced. The mintage of the 2001 type is currently unknown, but is believed to be relatively small. Only business strikes of both types are known to exist.


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