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5 centavos
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Flag of Spain (1785-1873 and 1875-1931) Captaincy General of Cuba


0.05 pesos



Measurements and composition
  • copper
  • silver





Wreath, value, year


Coat of arms of Cuba, state title

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The 5 centavo coin is a pattern coin that was produced in Cuba in 1870, during its time as an administrative district of Spain. Had it been circulated, it would have had a value equal to 0.05 pesos.

The coin was manufactured in two compositions: copper and silver. Both are believed to have been coined at either the La Paz or Potosí mints in Bolivia, and were evidently designed by Clemente Toretti. The coins are circular in shape and bear a reeded edge. Featured in the center of the obverse is the value "5 CENT.S", shortened for 5 centavos, with the numeral and word printed on their own lines. Underneath the indication of the coin's value is a small five-pointed star. All of these items are surrounded by a circular laurel wreath. Around the upper periphery is the Spanish text "MONEDA PROVISIONAL" (English: "provisional currency" or "provisional coin"), which starts to the left of the denomination and extends upward until curving downward at the top of the coin and ending at the other side of the obverse. A "P" mint mark is shown near the beginning of the text, flanked by two points, while the letters "C.T.", possibly the initials of the designer, are present near the end of the word "PROVISIONAL". The date "1870" is shown at the bottom of the obverse below the wreath. Depicted in the center of the reverse is the coat of arms of Cuba — which consists of a shield bearing in the upper field a depiction of a key between two rocks with a shining sun overhead, in the bottom left field five stripes, and in the lower right field an illustration of a palm tree on a hilly landscape, with the shield covering a stick or pole holding up a Phrygian cap, and the entire arms supported by banners. The arms depicted on the coin differs from the current one from the use of a stick or pole to hold up the cap as opposed to a fasces, and having the arms supported by banners instead of oak and laurel branches. "REPUBLICA DE CUBA" (English: "Republic of Cuba") is written around the left and right rims, with the word "REPUBLICA" being written on the left side and the rest of the inscription being printed on the right. Five six-pointed stars are engraved below the arms.

Krause's Standard Catalog of World Coins reports a mintage of 40 copper and 10 silver coins, all in proof quality.


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