Blocking is the unfortunate course of action that is undertaken when a user has repeatedly violated Currency Wiki's, as well as Wikia's, policies. This ability is only granted to administrators.

How to block someoneEdit

Main article: Help:Blocking

Reasons for blocking someoneEdit

The user has:

  • Violated Currency Wiki's after being warned numerous times.
  • Violated the global Terms of Use.

Duration of a blockEdit

The duration of a block depends on what the user has done, and how often unjust actions persist. If someone does something minor, like spam or ignore a policy, they should be warned. On the third warning, the user should be blocked, but try keeping the duration small at first. If the person constantly doesn't follow warnings again, they may be blocked however many times necessary until they learn from their actions or end with an indefinite block.

Also, you are advised not to indefinitely block unregistered users, as blocking an IP address may affect several people, rather than just one.

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