Bots are automated or semi-automated tools that are capable of carrying out repetitive tasks to maintain a wiki.

Currency Wiki bots policyEdit

Before using a botEdit

Before using a bot on Currency Wiki, you must get approval from the community here. While there, you will need to state why you should be able to operate a bot and what program you use for operating it (AutoWikiBrowser or Pywikibot). If your bot is approved for use, you will be given a week to test here or on our test wiki, and if it performs sufficiently, it will be granted a bot flag and you will be able to use it freely on Currency Wiki.


If a bot begins damaging the wiki, its operator will be contacted. If it continues behaving in a detrimental manner, the bot may be blocked, the duration depending on the level of the damage. Also, a bot that remains unused for over a year may be relieved of its status.

Any unconfirmed bots will be blocked. Also, using a bot account for sock puppetry is prohibited, and the user and bot will be blocked.

Admin rightsEdit

Only bots operated by administrators may be granted admin rights.


  • Everything here must also apply.

Running botsEdit

Bot Operator Bot program Number of edits Special rights
Dserbot Dser AutoWikiBrowser and Pywikibot 6,049 Admin
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