Chat is a feature on Currency Wiki that can be used for live communication between users. Note that these conversations do not need to be related to this wiki's topics.

Rules and guidelines

  • While in chat, you may not:
    • Harass other users
    • Spam
    • Use profane language
    • Use sockpuppet accounts
    • Etc.
  • Also, no underaged (under 13) users are allowed in chat


If you are given multiple warnings by a chat moderator within a few minutes, you will either be asked to leave or be kickbanned. Once kickbanned, you will not be able to enter chat until moderators decide to lift your ban. Contesting a ban by using sockpuppets will result in both accounts losing chat privileges and being blocked. If you want to discuss your ban, contact the moderator that performed the action.


To keep track of conversations made on chat, we try to log them. Valid bot accounts are allowed to use JavaScript to log the chat automatically. Any other users would need to resort to logging the chat manually. Logs can be found here.

Chat moderators

Chat moderators have a star (Icon-chatmod.png) next to their names. Administrators are appointed as moderators by default, and other users may be granted rights here after a discussion is held. An excessive number of moderators is unnecessary, and a total of five non-administrative moderators can be appointed.

If an individual is granted rights, but never enters chat, they may be relieved of their position. Also, if a moderator abuses their powers, their rights will be removed without discussion.

Current chat moderators

User Granted rights Active Administrator Other
Dser default Moderate Yes
Dserbot default Inactive Yes Bot account
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