Chat is a feature on Currency Wiki that can be used for live communication between users. Note that conversations do not need to be related to the wiki's topic; however, certain topics should not be discussed in chat. See below for more details.

Rules and guidelines

There are certain rules and guidelines one must abide by if they wish to use our chat service. Failing to adhere to the following may result in a ban or kick from a chat moderator or administrator.

While in chat, one must not:

  • Harass other users
  • Spam
  • Use profane language
  • Use sockpuppet accounts
  • Advertise
  • Reveal any personal information about someone without that person's direct consent.
  • Discuss any controversial matters, including politics, religion, etc
  • Discuss relationships or sexual orientation
  • Violate any of Wikia's terms of use, such as using the service while under the age of thirteen (13) or impersonating a user or public figure

Kicks and bans

One may be kicked or banned from the chat if they are being disruptive. If kicked, it is recommended to wait a few minutes before returning to the chat. If banned, one will be unable to access Currency Wiki chat until their ban has expired. Contesting a ban by using sockpuppets will ultimately result in both accounts losing chat privileges and receiving blocks. If you wish to discuss your ban, contact the moderator who performed the action.

Chat moderators

Chat moderators have a star (Icon-chatmod.png) next to their names. Administrators are appointed as moderators by default, and other users may be granted rights here after a discussion is held.

If an individual is granted rights, but never enters chat, they may be relieved of their position. Also, if a moderator abuses their powers, their rights will be removed without discussion.

Current chat moderators

User Granted rights Active Administrator Other
Dser default Moderate Yes
Dserbot default Inactive Yes Bot account
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