1879 Flowing Hair Stella reverse

Featured articles are considered some of Currency Wiki's best pages and are determined by the wiki community (see below). They can be distinguished from non-featured articles by a small stella coin (1879 Flowing Hair Stella reverse) in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Articles that have been deprived of featured status show an Italian tarì (Former FA) in the same location.

Currently, there are 4 featured articles out of 993 articles on Currency Wiki.


Any registered user is permitted to nominate an article for featured status at Currency Wiki:Featured article candidates. Likewise, any registered user (besides the nominator) is allowed to vote and voice their opinions. The option to vote is open for a week. If a majority of voters support the promotion of an article to featured status, it will be granted. However, if a majority of people do not approve, the article will not be granted any sort of status and will be eligible for renomination in exactly one month. Articles deprived of featured status can be renominated, but will need to be redone to conform to a higher standard of article quality.

Similar rules apply for the deprivation of featured status, but a legitimate reason must be given.

Currency Wiki featured articlesEdit


Mexican 1 peso coinUnited States dime




Mexican peso


  1. Deprived of featured status on 25 September 2011
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