The Currency Wiki IRC channel (#CurrencyWiki) is a place where users can interact and chat. In a sense, it is similar to chat, but can be accessed by both registered and anonymous contributors.

Rules and guidelinesEdit

  • While in IRC, you may not:
    • Harass other users
    • Spam
    • Use profane language
    • Etc.
  • Also, no underaged (under 13) users are allowed in IRC


If you are given multiple warnings by a channel operator within a few minutes, you will either be asked to leave or be kicked. Once kicked, you will not be able to enter chat until moderators decide to lift your ban. If you want to discuss your ban, contact the moderator that performed the action. To channel operators: upon kicking a user, please add {{IRCBan}} to their talk page, filling out the necessary parameters.

Channel operatorsEdit

Any administrator that has an IRC account will be given operator rights. To become a channel operator, you must be active in IRC, have an IRC account, and apply for rights at Currency Wiki:Requests for rights/IRC channel operator.

If an individual is granted rights, but never enters chat, they may be relieved of their position. Also, if an operator abuses their powers, their rights will be removed without discussion.

Current operatorsEdit

User Nick Granted rights Active in IRC? Administrator Other
Dser Dser 9 June 2012 Yes Yes Also a bureaucrat. Will appoint you as an operator if you are approved rights.


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