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Moneda Wiki
Moneda Wiki
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La enciclopedia en línea numismática

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Moneda Wiki is an unreleased Spanish version of Currency Wiki expected to be launched after the English version has reached its 1000 article milestone.



Currency Wiki-es

The unused "Es Currency Wiki" design.

The idea of Moneda Wiki was devised on April 3, 2011 by Dser, the administrator of Currency Wiki. Instantly, however, Dser could not decide upon the name, logo, and URL of the site. His ideas for names were Currency Wiki es, Es Currency Wiki, or Moneda Wiki. The names Currency Wiki es and Es Currency Wiki were used to show linkage between both of the sites. This idea was, however, decided against, because Moneda Wiki would be easier for Spanish-speaking Wikia users to find through a search engine. The URL decided upon was .

Future plansEdit

Dser has planned that the favicon used for Moneda Wiki will be the same as the one used on the English version, due to the Mexican peso having the same sign as the United States dollar, the dollar sign. The design of the main page is expected to look similar to the main page of Currency Wiki, but this is subject to change. After the wiki has reached its own 1000 article milestone, Dser is planning on requesting the wiki for adoption, as he plans to remain active on the English Currency Wiki.


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