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Dahlonega Mint

The Dahlonega Mint during 1877 or 1878.

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Dahlonega, Georgia

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United States Department of the Treasury

The Dahlonega Mint was a branch of the United States Mint located in Dahlonega, Georgia. Coins produced here bear the D mint mark, which remains in use by the Denver Mint, which opened many years after the closure of the Dahlonega Mint. All coins from here were made of gold and dated from 18381861.


Dahlonega coin

A coin from the Dahlonega Mint.

The mint was chartered by the United States Congress and built during 1837 during the first gold rush of North America, known as the Georgia Gold Rush. The purpose of the Dahlonega Mint was to tap the newly discovered source of gold for coins and to provide miners a place to sell and assay their gold.

The first coins produced at the mint were $5 half eagles during April 1838. The mint produced coins annually from 1838 to 1861. Denominations produced include $1, $2.50, $3 (1854 only), and $5.

In 1861, after the American Civil War broke out, the Dahlonega Mint was seized by Confederate troops, due to its location. It is believed that during this year, the Confederates took over the mint and minted some gold dollars and half eagles under the authority of the Confederate States of America. The exact amount of 1861 gold dollars that was produced remains unknown, though the number of gold dollars, approximately 1597, is known. Because of their relatively low mintage, all coins minted at Dahlonega are rare. It is generally accepted that gold coins estimated to reach over $6 million were minted at Dahlonega.

After the Civil War ended, the United States Government decided not to reopen the mint for currency production. The building remained unused until the North Georgia College was founded in 1873. The mint building was used as the main academic and administrative building for the college until a fire destroyed it in December 1878. A new building was then erected upon the same spot of the mint.


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