Emil Weigand
Biographical information

Flag of the German Empire Germany
Flag of Prussia 1892-1918 Prussia


November 20, 1837


March 25, 1906

Occupational information

Chief Medallist of the Berlin Mint


Berlin Mint

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Emil Weigand was a German engraver and medalist who lived during the late 19th and early 20th century. He resided in Berlin, where he served as the mint's chief medallist from 1887 to 1904.


Emil Weigand was born on November 20, 1837, in Berlin. He eventually began training as a die cutter and engraver at the Academy of Art and School of Engraving in his hometown. After finishing his training, Weigand worked at London from 1863 until he received positions as engraver and medallist at the Berlin Mint in 1866. In 1887, Weigand became appointed as the institution's chief medallist, a title which he held until 1904. During his time at the mint, he designed coins for several entities, including Anhalt, German West Africa, Egypt, Germany, Hamburg, Lübeck, Mexico, Morocco, and Prussia. Weigand died on March 25, 1906, in Berlin.


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