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1 sent
Estonia 1s
1939 coin
General information

Flag of Estonia Estonia


0.01 krooni

  • 1929
  • 1939
Measurements and composition

2 g

  • 17 mm (1929)
  • 16 mm (1939)







Three lions, year

  • Oak leaves, state title, year (1929)
  • State title, value (1939)
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The 1 sent coin was first issued by the Republic of Estonia in 1929. This initial issue was only minted for one year, and was subsequently replaced by a similarly-designed coin of the same value in 1939, shortly before the incorporation of the country into the Soviet Union as the Estonian SSR. It is the lowest-denominated coin of the kroon ever issued, holding a value of one hundredth of a kroon before being demonetized in 1940.


Et 1sent 1929

1929 coin

The Republic of Estonia issued its first 1 sent coin in 1929. It is composed of bronze, weighs 2 grams, and measures 17 millimeters in diameter. Three passant gardant lions similar to those displayed on the Estonian coat of arms are featured on the coin's obverse, accompanied by an inscription representing the date of issue. A group of oak leaves superimposed by the numeral "1", which represents the coin's value, are depicted on the reverse, with the state title of Estonia (EESTI) written above. During its single year of production, 23,533,000 examples of the 1929 1 sent coin were struck.

The Republic of Estonia introduced a new issue of the 1 sent coin in 1939. Stylistically and metrically, the coin is not very different from its predecessor. Aside from the diameter, which was reduced to 16 millimeters, the coin's specifications were not altered. The obverse still depicted the three passant gardant lions present on the first issue, but the date now read "1939" and was written using a smaller font. The leaves on the reverse were removed altogether, and the "1" was now written using a thinner font. Encircling the numeral is the full title of the Republic of Estonia (EESTI VABARIIK) and the coin's value in Estonian (ÜKS SENT). Two variants of the 1939 1 sent coin are recognized by the Standard Catalog of World Coins, and can be distinguished from each other by thickness. One variety measures exactly one millimeter thick, while the other is only 0.9 millimeters thick. A combined total of 5,000,000 1939 1 sent coins.


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