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The Fribourg frank was used by the Canton of Fribourg from the time of the Helvetic Republic into the times of modern Switzerland from 1798 to 1850. The frank was subdivided into 10 batzen, each equaling 4 kreuzer or 10 rappen.


The frank was used in the Canton of Fribourg during the year of the Helvetic Republic's reign in 1798, replacing the gulden as the currency of Fribourg. The Helvetic Republic stopped issuing coins in 1803 after its collapse. Fribourg issued coins from 1806 to 1836. During 1850, the Swiss franc began circulating, with 1½ francs equaling one Fribourg frank. Eventually, however, the Swiss franc replaced the Fribourg frank as the currency used in Fribourg.


Coins were issued in denominations of 2½ rappen (also as 1 Kreuzer), 5 rappen, ½ batzen, 1 batzen, 5 batzen, 10 batzen, and franken.


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