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The Fribourg gulden was the currency of the Canton of Fribourg during its time as a canton of the Old Swiss Confederation until 1798. The gulden was subdivided into 14 batzen, which equaled 4 kreuzer or 16 denier.


The Fribourg gulden was replaced by the franc of the Helvetic Republic, which was in turn replaced by the Fribourg frank in 1803.


During the late 18th century, the Fribourg gulden had denominations of 1 denier, 2 denier, 1 kreuzer, ½ batzen, 7 kreuzer, 14 kreuzer, 28 kreuzer, 56 kreuzer, ⅛ gulden, ¼ gulden, ½ gulden, and 1 gulden.


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