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50 pfennig
Weimar Republic 50 pfennig.jpg
Coin from 1922
General information

Flag of the German Empire.svg German Empire
Flag of Germany (3-2 aspect ratio).svg Weimar Republic


0.50 mark (50 pfennige)



Measurements and composition

2.777 g (1914–1918)[1]


1.5 mm[2]

  • "DEUTSCHES REICH ½ MARK", date (1914–1918)[1]
  • "DEUTSCHES REICH 50 PFENNIG", date (1919–1923)[2]
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The 50 pfennig or ½ mark coin was issued by the German Empire and later the Weimar Republic. It equaled 0.50 mark of 50 pfennige.

The German Empire began issuing the coin, designating it as the ½ mark rather than "50 pfennig", using the same design as its gold mark predecessor, stating the coin's value on the obverse, as well as the year of minting and name of the empire (Deutsches Reich). The reverse of this featured the Reichsadler. It had a mass of 2.777 grams and a diameter of 20 millimeters. Then, when the German Empire fell in 1918, the Weimar Republic began issuing the coins, naming them "50 pfennig". The obverse of this coin stated that it was from the Deutsches Reich, its value, and the date of minting, while the reverse read, "SICH REGEN BRINGT SEGEN", translating into "the activity brings the blessings". This coin was 23 mm in diameter and 1.5 mm in thickness.[1][2]

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