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Flag of the German Empire German Empire


5.00 mark



  • blue-green
  • red
  • Putti, value, Reichsadler (1874)
  • Knight with sword and shield, Reichsadler, value (1882)
  • Woman with putto, value (1904)
  • Value (1874)
  • Value (1882)
  • Dragon, value (1904)
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The 5 mark banknote was issued by the Reichskassenschein (Imperial Treasury) of the German Empire from 1874 to 1904. An equivalent to this note, the 5 mark coin was also issued.


Deutsches Reich 5 Mark 1874

The first banknote.

Over the years of the German Empire's existence, the design of the 5 mark note has changed. The original design, made by the Reichskassenschein in 1874, featured putti holding a wreath under a small Reichsadler with the value on its sides on the obverse. The reverse of the original featured the value on an ornamental frame. It was mainly colored blue-green.

5mkobverse1882 5mkreverse1882
Obverse Reverse

The second design, issued again by the Imperial Treasury, was made in 1882. The obverse of this note featured a knight with a sword and a shield depicting the Reichsadler. Near the knight is the written-out value of the note. On the reverse is the value, just like the predecessor. The obverse of the note was mainly blue-green in color, while the obverse was red to orange in color.

On the newest design (shown above-right), was issued and designed by the Royal Treasury in 1904, mainly being colored blue-green. On the obverse of the note, a woman is displayed with a shield and spear next to a putto with a pigeon. The written-out value is displayed in the top right corner. On the reverse is a dragon sitting above the value of the note.


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