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Logo der Bank von Namibia

Logo of the Bank of Namibia.

A governor holds the position as the head official of the Bank of Namibia. This individual is responsible for carrying out Namibia's monetary policy and chairing the meetings of the Bank's Board of Directors.

List of governors of the Bank of Namibia[]


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Namibian dollar
Banknotes $10$20$50$100$200
Coins 5 c10 c50 c$1$2$5$10$20$100
Miscellaneous Bank of NamibiaCommon Monetary AreaSouth African rand
Namibian concepts and patterns
Kalahar 2 k5 k10 k20 k
Patterns Dollar: $1$10; Mark: 1 M10 M; Rand: 100 r
Miscellaneous Erik KarlssonNamibia Reserve Bank