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2 pesos
General information

Flag of Guatemala Guatemala


2.00 pesos

Measurements and composition

3.3834 g






Rafael Carrera


Shield, sun, branches, value, year

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The 2 peso coin was minted by Guatemala in 1859.


It was composed of .875 fine gold and weighed 3.3834 grams. Displayed on the obverse was President Rafael Carrera, surrounded by a legend reading, "RAFAEL CARRERA PTE DE LA RA GUATEMALA". Depicted on the reverse was a shield with the sun above and two branches below, along with the value, year of minting, and an inscription reading, "GUATÆRA.D.O.M.PROTE.

In 1920, a pattern coin denominated at 2 pesos was introduced. It was composed of porcelain and measured 25.26 millimeters in diameter. Shown on the obverse was the state title of Guatemala and the value of the coin. Depicted on the reverse was the coat of arms of Guatemala within a triangle, with coffee leaves to both sides. Below were two crossed swords, indicating the coin was produced at Meissen, Germany.


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