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2 mark
5 Mark HamburgGerman Empire 2 marks
Coin from 1907
General information

Flag of the German Empire German Empire
Flag of Hamburg Hamburg



  • 18761888
  • 18921914
Measurements and composition

11.111 g[1]


28 mm[1]


2 mm[1]








Coat of arms of Hamburg, state title[2][3]


Reichsadler, state title, value, year[1]

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The 2 mark coin was first issued by the Free City of Hamburg in 1876, during the mayorship of Carl Friedrich Petersen[4], and continued to be minted until 1888. Production later recommenced in 1892, and continued until 1914.[5]


Alte Rückseite - Kleiner Adler - Großes Wappen Neue Rückseite - Großer Adler - Kleines Wappen
1876-1888 1892-1914

The Hamburg 2 gold mark coin was first issued in 1876[5], during Carl Friedrich Petersen's mayorship.[4] It had the same composition, mass, and measurements as every other standard 2 gold mark coin issued in the states of the German Empire at the time, being composed of .900 fine silver, weighing 11.111 grams, and measuring 28 millimeters in diameter and 2 millimeters in thickness.[1] The coat of arms of Hamburg was featured on the coin's obverse, and was partially encircled by a legend reading "FREIE UND HANSESTADT HAMBURG". Directly underneath the arms was a "J" mint mark, which indicated the coin was produced at the city's own mint.[2][3][6] The Reichsadler of the German Empire was featured on the reverse, accompanied by the state title of the Second Reich (DEUTSCHES REICH), the coin's value, and the year.[1] Production of the 2 mark coin halted in 1888, but recommenced in 1892. Between the years, no major alterations were made to coins of Hamburg, except for the Reichsadler on the reverse of all common coinage. Before 1890, the heraldic eagle featured on Imperial German coinage bore a large shield on its breast, but in 1891, the shield became smaller and the Reichsadler itself became larger.[6] The "large shield" coins were minted during 1876, 1877, 1878, 1880, and 1883, and between those years, a total of 5,071,000 coins were produced.[2] The "small shield" coins were produced in 1892, 1893, from 1898 to 1908, and then again from 1911 to 1914. A total of 8,618,869 were minted, with an unknown number being struck in proof quality.[3]

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