The following is a guide to using functions in IRC.

Joining a roomEdit


/join #channelname
example: /join #CurrencyWiki


It is recommended that upon joining IRC, if you don't already have one, to register your nickname. To do this, type the register command:

/msg nickserv register desiredpassword youremailaddress
example: /msg nickserv register currencyiscool

Once this is done, you will receive an email asking you to input a similar code to the IRC:

/msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER nickname

If done correctly, the following will show up:

-NickServ- Nickname new_nick registered under your account: [host]
-NickServ- Your password is yourpassword - remember this for later use. 

Changing your nicknameEdit

/nick new_nickname
example: /nick currencyperson

Private messagesEdit

To begin private messaging with someone, you could click their username and then click "query", or by typing:

/query nickname
example: /query currencyperson

Action commandEdit

/me action
Example: /me just entered IRC = * nickname just entered IRC

Find out who someone isEdit

You can find out who someone is by clicking their username and then clicking "whois", or by typing:

/whois nickname
example: /whois currencyperson
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