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Hunger Aid and Development Foundation
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Flag of Ghana Ghana


Ga, Wa West District, Ghana




Promoting socio-economic development in rural African communities

Historical information
  • Adams Nuhu Timbile
  • Jorge Fernández Vidal


Societal information and affiliations
Region served

Sub-Saharan Africa; primarily northern Ghana

  • JFV Coins
  • Fori Investment Ltd
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The Hunger Aid and Development Foundation, often abbreviated as HADEF, is a non-governmental organization focused on the promotion of socio-economic development in rural African communities, primarily in northern Ghana and other parts of Subsaharan Africa. It is headquartered in Ga in the Wa West District of Ghana and currently directed by Adams Nuhu Timbile and Jorge Fernández Vidal.

The organization is funded by the sales of fantasy coins for indigenous Ghanaian tribes and kingdoms on JFV Coins (see below) and through investments from Fori Investment Ltd, which is also owned by Adams Nuhu Timbile and Vidal.


The Hunger Aid and Development Foundation was founded by Jorge Fernández Vidal, a member of the Unrecognised States Numismatic Society and the founder of JFV Coins, and Adams Nuhu Timbile as early as 2005. Vidal credited "the political conditions, the significant number of tribes and kingdoms, and the opportunities for economic development" in Ghana as the deciding factors in establishing the NGO. Even though the organization was not incorporated into Ghana until 2008, it has been active since 2005.

Goals and objectives[]

HADEF's main goal is to reduce poverty in rural African communities in northern Ghana and other parts of Subsaharan Africa through socio-economic development. It aims to increase agricultural production, to promote raises in income through farming of soy beans and groundnuts and the production of shea butter, to allow for women to work their own activities, and to establish funds for education and family reserves.


The production and sale of fantasy coins for the "sovereign" tribes and kingdoms in western Africa has provided funding for the Hunger Aid and Development Foundation. The first series of such coins was made in 2006 for the Kingdom of Biffeche, a self-proclaimed kingdom located near the border of Mauritania and Senegal. Coins for the Eduola Tribe, Emuola Tribe, Ewaala Tribe, Haal Tribe, Kingdom of Kabrousse, Kanjaga Tribe, Mantina Tribe, Manyaala Tribe, Mwalba Tribe, Naajeri Tribe, Ncham Tribe, Pokoyirdeme Tribe, and L'île de Syppo were subsequently produced in 2008, followed by those for the Dakpanyiri Tribe, Donwieyiri Tribe, and Sandaayiri Tribe in 2010, the Sanuori Tribe, Tomboriyiri Tribe, and Wechaubour Tribe in 2011, the Brifo Tribe, Ponaal Tribe, and Wielber Tribe in 2012, the Ténhé Tribe in 2013, and the Bakyiele Tribe in 2015. All of these coins, excluding the 2012, 2013, and 2015 issues, are currently listed in Krause's Unusual World Coins under a section entitled "WEST AFRICA".

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