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Name of dollars often associated with rupees Indian currency, but in fact, according to Adi Pratomo, one historian Indonesian currency, the rupiah is taken from the Mongolian word rupia, which means "silver". It is the same as the meaning of rupees, but the pronunciation of dollars alone is native to Indonesia because of the addition of the letter 'h' at the end of a word rupia, very typical as the pronunciation of the Javanese people. This is slightly different from the assumption that many dollars is one of the units derived from the Indian currency. Indian Rupee actually also can be regarded as a derivative of the word rupia itself, so the Indonesian rupiah has the same level rather than as a unit derived from the Indian currency.


In the early days of independence, the rupiah wasn't used yet; a currency known as ORI was used instead. ORI circulated in Indonesia for 4 years, ORI has begun to be used since 1945-1949. However, the use of legally ORI started since the launch of the government's currency as the currency of Indonesia on October 30 1946 . In the early days, ORI printed by Printing Canisius with shapes and designs are very simple and use a fine fiber seat. ORI can even be said that during the currency of a very simple, sober, and tend to be less qualified, especially when compared with other currencies circulating in Indonesia. In the early days of independence, ORI circulated widely in the community, even if the money is only printed in Yogyakarta. ORI has been printed at least five times within a period of four years, among others, the mold I on October 17, 1945, series II on January 1, 1947, the third series was issued on July 26, 1947. At that time, ORI is a currency that has a value that is very low when compared to the money-money issued by de Javasche Bank. Though ORI money is scarce money that should be of high value.

On 8 April 1947, the governor of the province of Sumatra issued rupiah Money Republic of Indonesia Sumatra (URIPS). Since 2 November 1949, four years after independence, the Indonesian rupiah as the currency set a new nationality. Riau and West Irian rupiah have their own variations, but its use was abolished in 1964 in Riau and 1974 in West Irian. The Asian economic crisis in 1998 causing the rupiah fell as much as 35% and bring the downfall of governments Suharto. Currency is the currency that may be exchanged for free, but traded with the penalty due to high inflation levels.