5 centavos
General information

Flag of Cuba Cuba
Flag of Cuba Isla de la Juventud


0.05 pesos (non-legal tender)



Measurements and composition

20 mm


nickel-plated steel








Five-pointed star, key, value, year


Mariposa (Hedychium coronarium) flower

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The 5 centavo coin is a fantasy coin of the Isla de la Juventud, the second largest island of Cuba. It has a "face value" equal to 5 centavos, or 0.05 pesos, but is not considered legal tender anywhere and only has value to collectors. It is currently listed in Unusual World Coins under a subsection of "Cuba" entitled "Isla de la Juventud".

The coin is composed of nickel-plated steel and measures approximately 20 millimeters in diameter. It has a plain edge and medallic alignment, and like most coins, is round in shape. Featured in the center of the obverse is a five-pointed star with the Roman numeral "V" (meaning "five") in its center, similar to that found on the circulation 5 centavo coins of the Cuban peso. Directly below it is a key similar to the one on the Cuban coat of arms and the Spanish word "PRUEBA", which translates to English as "test". The date "2011" is printed in the middle of the obverse, the first two digits being separated from the latter two by the star. Arched around the upper rim of the coin is the title "ISLA DE LA JUVENTUD", and curved along the bottom periphery is the value, written as "CINCO CENTAVOS" (English: "five centavos") in Spanish.. An image of a mariposa flower (Hedychium coronarium), the national flower of Cuba, is shown in the center of the reverse. Engraved along the rim above the flower is the word "MARIPOSA". At the very bottom of the coin is the Spanish legend "FLOR NACIONAL DE CUBA" (English: "National flower of Cuba"), which is shown curved around the outer periphery.


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