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10 centesimi
Parpagliola napoleone
1811 coin
General information

Flag of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy Kingdom of Italy


0.10 lire; 2 soldi; 10 centesimi



Measurements and composition

2 g


18 mm








"N" crowned with the Iron Crown of Lombardy, wreath



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The 10 centesimo coin was issued from 1808 to 1813 by the Kingdom of Italy, a client state of the French Empire under Emperor Napoleon I, who also stylized himself as King of Italy. The coin had a value equal to 0.10 lire before being demonetized in 1814.

The coin, often considered parpagliola for its low .200 silver content, weighs approximately 2 grams and has a diameter of 18 millimeters. It uses coin alignment and typically bears a smooth edge. Unlike most of the coins issued by the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy, the 10 centesimo coin was only produced at Milan and did not feature a portrait of Napoleon or the state title "REGNO D'ITALIA" (English: "Kingdom of Italy"). The obverse, designed and engraved by Italian sculptor Luigi Manfredini, features the letter "N" in its center, surmounted by a radiant depiction of the Iron Crown of Lombardy, the ceremonial headpiece worn by Napoleon during his coronation as King of Italy. Surrounding the crowned "N" of Napoleon is a circular laurel wreath. Displayed in the center of the reverse is the value "10 CENT.I" written on two separate lines, with the numerals being a bit larger than the letters in the following word. Below it is the year of minting followed by the "M" mint mark of Milan, which is flanked by a pomegranate representing the mint to the left and the oil lamp privy mark of Luigi Manfredini to the right. The Italian legend "NAPOLEONE IMPERATORE E RE" (English: "Napoleon, Emperor and King") is engraved along the upper periphery, with the words beginning to the left of the pomegranate and continuing upward until arching downward and ending to the right of the oil lamp on the other side of the reverse. A total of between 6,597,000 and 6,665,077 examples were produced over the six-year production span. The 1808-dated coin is the rarest and most valuable variety. Its total mintage is currently disputed, but many sources believe the number of 1808 coins produced was less than 1000.


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