2 centesimi
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Flag of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy Kingdom of Italy


0.02 lire, 0.40 soldi



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Napoleon, year


Iron Crown of Lombardy, state title, value

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The 2 centesimo coin was a pattern produced in 1806 by the Kingdom of Italy, a client state of the French Empire under Napoleon I. If it had been circulated, it would have had a value equal to 0.02 lire or 0.40 soldi.

The coin is composed of copper. Its obverse, designed by Italian sculptor Luigi Manfredini, features in its center a left-facing portrait of Napoleon, Emperor of France and King of Italy. Starting to the left of his likeness and ending to the right is the Italian caption "NAPOLEONE IMPERATOR E RE", which translates to English as "Napoleon, Emperor and King". Directly below Napoleon's image is the year of minting, and underneath that is an "M" mint mark that represents Milan. The Iron Crown of Lombardy, the ceremonial headpiece worn by Napoleon during his coronation as King of Italy, is featured in the middle of the reverse, with the state title "REGNO D'ITALIA" (English: "Kingdom of Italy") written above and the value "2 • CENTESIMI" inscribed below.


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