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Jaano Ester is an Estonian artist who has made designs for various commemorative kroon and euro coins.

Ester was one of several Estonian artists to compete in the 2004 design competition for the national side of the Estonian euro coins. His design, entitled Leopardid-2 for its use of heraldic Estonian leopards, was among the ten finalists selected by the Bank of Estonia. Having received 1.67 percent of the public vote, Ester's design won eighth place in the contest.

Around 2008, Ester designed a gold 50 kroon piece celebrating the 90th anniversary of the first Estonian republic. A design he submitted to a competition in 2014, entitled Härmatis, was later selected for a commemorative 10 euro coin dedicated to Estonian musician Miina Härma (1864–1941). Ester entered another competition in 2015 for a coin celebrating statesman Jaan Poska (1866–1920). His submission was not used, having received fifth place.


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