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This article is about the coin minted in 1935. For the coin struck in 1915, see Jalisco 1 peso coin (1915).
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1 peso
Cristeros peso
General information

Flag of Jalisco Jalisco

Used by

Cristeros Cristeros


1.00 peso



Measurements and composition





Coat of arms of Mexico, "Republica Institucional Mexicana", "Muera Calles"


Phrygian cap, "Abajo los Monopolios", value, year, "Muera Garrido Canabal"

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This 1 peso coin was issued by the Cristeros, a rebel organization consisting of Catholics active in Mexico during the 1920s, in 1935. Such a coin was issued in the state of Jalisco, and struck at a mint in Tabasco. It is listed in Krause's Unusual World Coins under a section entitled "Mexico-Revolutionary/Jalisco", where it is referred to as a fantasy coin.

The coin is composed of silver. The coat of arms of Mexico is depicted in the center of the coin's obverse. Partially encircling the arms is the Spanish inscription "REPUBLICA INSTITUCIONAL MEXICANA" (English: "Mexican Institutional Republic"), and directly below are the words "MUERA CALLES" (English: "Die Calles"), which referred to President Plutarco Elías Calles, who was well known for his anti-Catholic laws that ultimately caused the Cristero War. At the top center of the reverse is the inscription "ABAJO LOS MONOPOLIOS" (English: "Below the monopolies"). Directly below it is a depiction of a Phrygian cap, a symbol of freedom and liberty. In the center of the reverse, underneath the Phrygian cap, is the coin's purported value. Below it are an image of a group of mountains, the year of minting (1935), and two branches tied together. Around the coin's rim at the bottom of the coin is a legend that reads "MUERA GARRIDO CANABAL" (English: "Die Garrido Canabal"), which refers to Tabasqueño governor Tomás Garrido Canabal, who was noted for his anti-Catholic persecution.


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Currency of Jalisco
Banknotes Revenue Department of Jalisco 10¢20¢50¢
Constitutional Army, West $1$5$10
Northwest Army Corps 50¢$1$5$10$20
State of Jalisco 10¢20¢
Head of Finance $50
Head of Western Division $50
Coins 1915 10¢$1
1935 $1