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5 rin
Coin from 1916
General information

Merchant flag of Japan (1870) Empire of Japan



Measurements and composition
  • 3.56 g (1873–1892)
  • 2.1 g (1916–1919)
  • 21.8 mm (1873–1892)
  • 18.78 mm (1916–1919)




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The 5 rin coin, also denominated as the ½ sen coin, was a coin issued by the Empire of Japan beginning in 1873 and ending in 1892. However, the coin was eventually minted again in 1916 and was minted up until 1919. It was equal to 0.005 yen.



A ½ sen coin from 1873.

The first coins equaling 5 rin were denominated as "½ sen" and began minting in 1873. The coin had a mass of 3.564 grams and a diameter of 21.818 millimeters. It was mainly composed of copper. Displayed on the coin's obverse was a Japanese dragon with the value, year of minting (in Meiji), and the name of the issuing authority (本日大). The reverse displayed the value surrounded by a wreath and the Imperial Seal of Japan. These coins were minted until 1892.

In 1916, the 5 rin coin was reintroduced as a denomination of Japanese currency, and during its use, it was denominated as "5 rin" rather than "½ sen". This new coin had a mass of 2.1 grams and a diameter of 18.787 millimeters, being slightly smaller in size than the previous coin. It was composed of bronze, with a content of 95% copper, 4% tin, and 1% zinc. Displayed on this coin's obverse was a paulownia flower with two small cherry blossoms at its sides, the year of minting below, and the issuing authority above. On the reverse was the value. These coins were minted until 1919. A total of 42,082,797 of these coins were produced, but only 42,080,000 were issued.


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