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Jerome Vassallo
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Flag of Italy Italy


1773, Republic of Genoa


March 20, 1819, Milan

Occupational information
  • Genoese Mint
  • Milanese Mint
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Gerolamo Vassallo, anglicized as Jerome Vassallo, was an Italian medalist and coin engraver active in the states in and around the Italian Peninsula during the early 19th century.


Vassallo 100 franc pattern

Vassallo's 100 franc pattern.

Jerome Vassallo was born in 1773 in the city of Genoa, the capital of the Republic of Genoa at the time. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in his home town, where his name was registered in 1788. Vassallo was taught the art of die-engraving from Chief Engraver Anton Guillemard of the Milanese Mint. He was given a position at the Genoese Mint in 1797 and became its chief engraver in 1800. Here, he cut dies for coins of the Ligurian Republic under Napoleonic rule. In 1807, he designed a pattern 100 franc coin bearing Napoleon's image, which is the only coin he designed that bears his signature.

The government of the First French Empire transferred Vassallo to the Milanese Mint in 1808, where he worked in collaboration with Luigi Manfredini by designing the reverses of the coins issued in the Kingdom of Italy while his colleague worked on the obverses. Some authors claim that Vassallo was appointed as Chief Engraver of the Milanese Mint on June 4, 1808, while others, including American writer Leonard Forrer, believe that he was a subordinate of Manfredini at the time. Following the abdication of Napoleon and the cession of the Kingdom of Italy to the Austrian Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia, Vassallo was reportedly responsible for cutting the dies of the 1816 1 scudo and 6 lira coins of the new kingdom.

Vassallo committed suicide on March 20, 1819 in Milan due to financial problems and ill health. Luigi Lorrea, an assistant at the mint, was instituted as his legatee.


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