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25 francs
General information

Flag of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands Kerguelen Islands


25.00 francs


ND; 1981

Measurements and composition

11.92 g


23.5 mm




Stylized tree


Arrow symbol, value

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The 25 franc coin is a fantasy coin of the Kerguelen Islands that was produced by American artist Fred Zinkann in 1981. As a fantasy piece or round, it is not considered legal tender anywhere, and only holds value as a collectible.

The coin is composed of a 90% tungsten alloy, being one of only a few numismatic items to be made of such a metal due to its extreme hardness. It weighs 11.92 grams and measures approximately 23.5 millimeters in diameter. Depicted in the center of the obverse is what is described as a stylized tree. Encircling the illustration is the French legend "ILES KERGUELEN • PAIX" (English: "Kerguelen Islands • Peace"), which starts at the bottom left of the coin and arches upward to the other side of the obverse. Featured on the reverse is a stylized arrow symbol, consisting of crossing double-pointed arrows behind a single arrow with a heart symbol (♥) at one end. Above this depiction are the "FRZ" initials of Fred R. Zinkann printed in a block-like font, while the word "TUNGSTEN" is written below the arrows, arched around the rim and written using the same font. "25 FR" is featured in the middle of the reverse, with the number being separated from the "FR" by the illustration.

Due to the hardness of the metal, the dies and the rim collar used to produced the coin broke, and as a result, only 3 examples of the coin were made, all in proof quality.


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