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Lembit Lõhmus
Lõhmus, Lembit.IMG 8543
Lõhmus in 2013
Biographical information

Flag of Estonia Estonia


September 25, 1947
Mustla, Estonian SSR

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Lembit Lõhmus is an Estonian artist particularly known for his work with stamps and bookplates and for designing the national side of the Estonian euro coins.


Estonia 1ec

Obverse of a euro coin of Estonia

Lõhmus was born in Mustla on September 25, 1947, during Estonia's administration by the Soviet Union. He studied at the Tartu Art School and Estonian Academy of Arts from 1969 to 1975, and graduated with honors. Shortly after he graduated, Lõhmus was made the head of the art branch of the Art Museum of Estonia. He held this position until 1977, when he began working as an interior architect. From 1989 to 2003 he was occupied as a freelance graphic design artist, and from 2004 to the present he was worked for the Eesti Post.

Lõhmus has made over 500 bookplates for twenty-eight countries, and served as the President of the Tallinn Bookplate Club from 1989 to 1992. He has also designed postage stamps for six countries and made engravings in copper and steel. In 1990 Lõhmus submitted a series of designs for the banknotes of the Estonian kroon, but his work was not selected. He entered a coin design competition in 2004 for the national side of the Estonian euro coins. His designs were selected with 12,482 public votes (over 27 percent), and were put onto the first Estonian euro coins in 2011.


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