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Not to be confused with the Liechtenstein 2 frank coin.
2 kronen
Liechtenstein 2 krone 1915
Coin from 1915
General information

Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein


2.00 kronen


1912, 1915

Measurements and composition

10 g


27 mm


2 mm






Johann II


coat of arms of Liechtenstein, value, year

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The 2 krone coin is a circulation coin that was issued by the Principality of Liechtenstein in 1912 and 1915, during the reign of Prince Johann II (John II). It was produced at the Austrian Mint in Vienna.

The coin is composed of .8349 fine silver (83.49% silver, 16.51% copper), weighs approximately 10 grams, and has a diameter of 27 millimeters and a thickness of 2 millimeters. The obverse was initially designed in 1898 by French engraver Gustave Deloye (1838–1899). It features a large left-facing image of Prince Johann II in its center. The likeness is accompanied by the German legend "JOHANN II FÜRST VON LIECHTENSTEIN" (English: "Johann II, Prince of Liechtenstein"), which starts at the coin's left rim and ends at its right. The text is separated between the words "FÜRST" and "VON" by Johann's image. Featured in the middle of the reverse is the coat of arms of Liechtenstein — which consists of the combined arms of Silesia, the Kuenring family, the Duchy of Troppau, the Cirksena family, and the Duchy of Krnov, with the lesser arms of Liechtenstein superimposed on the center and the entire depiction surmounted by the Princely Hat of Liechtenstein. The value is inscribed as "2 KR" in the center of the coin, and is separated between the numeral and the two letters by the coat of arms. It is engraved over a wreath, which starts at the bottom of the coin and extends along the left and right rims of the reverse before ending near the Princely Hat in the arms. The year of minting is inscribed at the very bottom of the coin, separated between the "9" and the "1" by the wreath. Both sides of the coin are surrounded by a circular beaded border around the rim.

A total of 87,500 examples of this coin were produced: 50,000 in 1912 and 37,500 in 1915.


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