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¼ ducat
General information

Flagge Fürstentum Lippe County of Lippe-Detmold


¼ ducat



Measurements and composition

0.875 g


15 mm






Frederick Adolphus


Value, year

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The ¼ ducat coin was a trade coin issued by the County of Lippe-Detmold from 1714 to 1715, during the reign of Count Frederick Adolphus.

The coin is composed of .9859 fine gold, and due to its considerable thinness, only weighs approximately 0.875 grams. A right-facing effigy of Frederick Adolphus is featured on the obverse, accompanied by the legend "FRID • ADOL • C • ET • N • D • LIP", which is inscribed around the coin's circumference. The coin's value (inscribed as "¼ DVCAT") is displayed on the reverse, with the fraction written at the top of the coin and the word "DVCAT" inscribed directly below it. A rose, the heraldic symbol of the House of Lippe, is engraved on either side of the fraction. The year of minting is featured under the value, and if the coin was struck in 1714, the "HL" privy mark of Hans Johann Luders can be located below the year.


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