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10 ducats
General information

Flagge Fürstentum Lippe County of Lippe-Detmold


10 ducats



Measurements and composition

35 g






Frederick Adolphus


Coat of arms of Lippe, year

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The 10 ducat coin was a trade coin issued by the County of Lippe-Detmold in 1712 and 1715, during the reign of Count Frederick Adolphus.

The coin is composed of .9859 fine gold and weighs approximately 35 grams. A right-facing effigy of Frederick Adolphus is featured on the obverse, accompanied by the legend "FRID • ADOLF • COM • ET • NOB • D • LIP •", which is inscribed around the coin's circumference. A crowned coat of arms of Lippe encircled by ribbons is displayed on the reverse with the inscription "IVSTVM • ET • DECORVM" ("just and honorable") and the year. An example of the coin in About Uncirculated (AU) condition was sold prior to 2010 by Stack's Bowers Auctions, with a realized price of US$16,500.


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