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1 Silbergroschen
LIP 1860 - 1 Silbergroschen
1860 coin
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Flagge Fürstentum Lippe Principality of Lippe


130 thaler

  • 1847
  • 1860
Measurements and composition
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  • 1.55 g (1847)
  • 2.1899 g (1860)




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The 1 Silbergroschen coin was first minted by the Principality of Lippe in 1847, during the reign of Prince Leopold II. Following his death, his son and successor, Leopold III authorized the issuance of a new Silbergroschen coin in 1860. Such coins had values equal to 12 pfennige, or 130 thaler.


LIP 1847 - 1 Silbergroschen

Coin of Leopold II.

The first Silbergroschen of Lippe was minted during the late reign of Prince Leopold II (Paul Alexander Leopold), in 1847. Such a coin is composed of a low .312 fine silver and weighs 1.55 grams. A right-facing portrait of the prince is displayed in the center of the obverse, encircled by the legend "PAUL. ALEX. LEOPOLD FÜRST Z. LIPPE" (English: "Paul Alex Leopold, Prince of Lippe"). The value "1 SILBERGROSCHEN" is displayed in the middle of the reverse, with the "1", "SILBER", and "GROSCHEN" each printed on separate lines. Underneath the word "GROSCHEN" is the date, and below that is the "A" mint mark of the mint in Berlin. "30 EINEN THALER" (English: "130 of a thaler") is inscribed along the upper periphery of the coin, while the words "SCHEIDE MÜNZE", referring to the coin's low silver content, are written at the bottom below the mint mark. A total of approximately 750,000 examples of the Silbergroschen of Leopold II were produced.

Leopold III (Paul Friedrich Emil Leopold), the eldest of Leopold II's nine children, succeeded his father as Prince of Lippe following the latter's death in 1851. Ten years into his reign, the Silbergroschen was reintroduced. Such coins are composed of a lower .22 fine silver, yet weigh a higher 2.1899 grams. A right-facing, bearded likeness of the prince is featured on the obverse, accompanied by the inscription "PAUL FRIEDR. EMIL LEOPOLD FÜRST Z. LIPPE" (English: "Paul Friedrich Emil Leopold, Prince of Lippe"). The reverse is identical to that of the coin of Leopold II except for the date. In total, approximately 432,000 pieces were minted.


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Lippe thaler
Ducat ¼ dc1 dc1½ dc2 dc3 dc4 dc5 dc6 dc10 dc
Groschen 1/12 mgr1/6 mgr1 mgr2 mgr4 mgr6 mgr24 mgr½ Sgr1 Sgr1 gr2 gr
2½ Sgr
Pfennig ½ pf1 pf½ pf2 pf3 pf4 pf6 pf
Thaler 1/96 th1/48 th1/24 th1/21 th1/12 th1/6 th¼ th⅓ th½ th⅔ th1 th1¼ th
2 th
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