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Luc Luycx
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April 11, 1958

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Royal Belgian Mint

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Luc Luycx is a Belgian coin designer and computer engineer residing in Dendermonde, Belgium. He is most well known for designing the common sides of all euro coins.


2 Euro Coin with Luc Luycx Initials

Luycx's initials on a coin.

Luycx was born in Aalst, Belgium on April 11, 1958. He eventually became employed by the Royal Belgian Mint, and before the introduction of the euro in his home country, Luycx designed Belgian ecu mock-up coins and Belgian franc coins. He also engraved commemorative medals and stamps for The Post (now bpost).

In 1996, a contest was held in every European Union member state (excluding Denmark) to determine the design of the common sides of euro coinage. During that year, Luycx designed his series of coins using CorelDRAW and submitted them to the competition. His designs found favor with the general European public, the European Commission, and the European Parliament, and on June 13, 1997, the European Council announced that Luycx's designs had been chosen. He was rewarded 24,000 ECU for his winning coin series. His designs are currently featured on all general issue euro coins, accompanied by his signature, two connected L letters (L Luycx sig).

He also designed the obverse of a 2 euro coin issued in 2005 to commemorate the Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union, as well as a 2006 coin of the same value marking the reopening of the Atomium in Brussels.

When King Albert II of Belgium (1934–) abdicated in 2013, his eldest son, Philippe (1960–), was sworn in as monarch. Due to the accession of a new king, Belgium updated the national side of its euro coins the next year in 2014. Luycx was responsible for the design of the new monarch's likeness, which replaced the previous images of Albert by Jan Alfons Keustermans (1940–).



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