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Luigi may refer to:


  • Luigi Arnaud, designer of coins of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.
  • Luigi Colli, designer of the Papal States 5 baiocchi coin issued from 1797 to 1799.
  • Luigi Giorgi (1848-1912), designer of Chinese and Italian coins
  • Luigi Gori (1838-1921), designer of Italian and Sammarinese coins
  • Luigi Manfredini (1771-1840), designer of Italian coins
  • Luigi Pichler, Italian coin designer
  • Luigi Ram, mint master of the Naples Mint from 1528 to 1546
  • Luigi Siries (?-1754), designer of coins of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany


  • Louis, a French coin known as a "luigi" in Italian
  • Luigino, an Italian coin
  • Seborga luigino, the currency of the Principality of Seborga